Heresy Heresy
Kaspar Hauser Kaspar Hauser
A Light Lunch A Light Lunch
Post Mortem Post Mortem
Screen Play Screen Play
Work Work
Dance at The Flea Dance at The Flea
Mercy on the Doorstep Mercy on the Doorstep
Cellophane Cellophane
Clown Brain Clown Brain
Girls In Trouble Girls In Trouble
O Jerusalem O Jerusalem
Billy the Kid Billy the Kid
The Light Outside The Light Outside
The Moon of the Caribbees The Moon of the Caribbees
Benten Kozo Benten Kozo
The Return of the Chocolate-Smeared Woman The Return of the Chocolate-Smeared Woman
The Breakout The Breakout
Lower Ninth Lower Ninth
Music with a View Music with a View
Digital Debussy Digital Debussy
Oh, the Humanity Oh, the Humanity
Dance Conversations 2012 Dance Conversations 2012
Future Anxiety Future Anxiety
Baal Baal
The Guys The Guys
Air Rights Air Rights
America LoveSexDeath America LoveSexDeath
Back of the Throat Back of the Throat
The Vandal The Vandal
The Nomad The Nomad
Syncing Ink Syncing Ink

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“I have no doubt that sooner or later David’s work will appear in galleries or exhibitions as prime examples of the vitality and charm associated with contemporary avant-garde American theater.”
—  A. R. Gurney, Playwright