Conrad Pool Jump Conrad Pool Jump
Single Malt Reflection Single Malt Reflection
Citi Watch Citi Watch
Citi Skateboarder Citi Skateboarder
Dell Beastie Dell Beastie
Citi Grant Wink Citi Grant Wink
Juvéderm Prototype Juvéderm Prototype
KC Baby KC Baby
Citi Gift Card Citi Gift Card
Range Rover Piazza Range Rover Piazza
m&m Hollywood m&m Hollywood
Citi House Citi House
IBM Trunk IBM Trunk
Clairol Braid Brush Clairol Braid Brush
PETA on SeaWorld PETA on SeaWorld
Winter Range Rover Winter Range Rover
Almay Age Essentials Almay Age Essentials
Almay Complete Look Almay Complete Look

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“David is one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years.  His combination of artistry and technical know-how allows him to produce top-notch imagery.”
—  Michael Romanski, COO, The Madison Group